Seat Seeker

The Project

Seat Seeker started at a hackathon with JISC in the summer of 2018, with the aim to use technology to improve the student experience. The Raspberry Pi, which we had taped to a coat rack and balanced on the table, used it's camera to detect if there had been any motion on any of the seats. If there was, it would notify a webserver which would update a live occupancy graph.

After winning the hackathon and talking to some of the industry professionals that we met, we decided to continue developing Seat Seeker. We changed our detection algorithm to recognise the shape of a person, to allow us to detect people more accurately and developed multiple graphing tools to allow users to view occupancy over time, and a heatmap to show the favoured locations for people to sit.

Skills Gained

  • Developed my teamworking and communication skills when working with my team mate and discussing our ideas with industry professionals
  • Improved my time management skills when writing new features in a short amount of time to complete the hackathon
  • Demonstrated my creativity and critical evaluation skills when coming up with the idea and evaluating potential features
  • Developed my networking skills when talking about other projects and experiences with other contestants at the hackathon
  • Gained experience with talking to potential stakeholders to gather new requirements
  • Developed my full stack development skills
  • Improved my strategic awareness and understanding of how businesses operate