Route 1

The Project

Route 1 is an Android application which tracks the different routes that a user takes to get to a destination, and suggests the quickest one. The project was created with 6 other students for our second semester project. During the development, we were required to write a requirements specification, create models, such as a HLA and flowchart, program and thoroughly test the application.

Personal Development

The development of the application used the Agile approach to allow us to easily update and develop the scope of the project as our understanding of the domain area grew. The group was split into sub-teams to ensure that the whole project was completed before the deadline. My main focus was on writing the application and testing it to ensure that there were no bugs. I worked closely with the other member of my sub-team while developing the application, using the Peer Programming principles to ensure that as few bugs were implemented into the final product as possible. I became familiar with researching and programming using the Google Maps API, and developed my understanding of using GitHub to develop a project.

Skills Gained

+ Experienced using the Agile development approach with regular Scrum meetings
+ Experienced programming an Android application using Android Studio
+ Developed an understanding of GitHub
+ Advanced my skills in Peer Programming
+ Demonstrated my creative and communication skills when presenting the idea for the commute tracking application to the group
+ Demonstrated my willingness to learn when understanding how to program with the Google Maps API
+ Improved my Java programming skills