New Tab +

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The Project

New Tab + is a simplistic, customisable New Tab page that was created for Google Chrome. It allows users to have use a custom background and add their favourite websites. The extension also includes a clock and notes page.

Personal Development

The development of this chrome extension allowed me to grow my abilities to program in HTML, CSS and Javascript. It also enabled me to advance my skills in learning a new language, as I had never experienced programming a medium sized project in Javascript before. The project also allowed me to develop my understanding of how to design and create an interface, and the importance of input validation to ensure that the extension produces the results that the user is expecting.

Skills Gained

+ Developed my experience of programming in HTML, CSS and Javascript
+ Developed my skills in understanding new programming languages
+ Experienced designing and programming a graphical interface
+ Developed my skills in testing an application to ensure that no bugs were present
+ Developed my understanding of the importance of verification, and how it can be implemented
+ Grew my understanding in the process of releasing an application