Gym Tracker

The Project

I was asked by a local primary school to develop an application to track student's usage of the onsite gym. The application needed to generate a gym pass for each student, which would include a QR code, along with other information, to recognise the student. I then needed to develop a mobile app to scan the QR codes, and log the usage. The app then needed to send the data to a techer's computer and process the results, giving a total count of gym usage per student as well as other analytical data.

This was an interesting project to work on, as it required me to consider the security requirements, as there was potential for identifiable student information to be stored on the mobile application. To avoid this being a problem, I generated unique codes for each student, which were appended to the excel sheet provided to the application when generating the gym passes. This id was used to generate the QR code, meaning that the app only tracked a random id and the count of usage.

Skills Gained

  • Developed my client communication skills when talking directly to the school
  • Demonstrated my flexibility when working with Swift, a language that I had never encountered before
  • Developed my problem solving skills when designing a method to reduce the storage of student's PPI
  • Demonstrated my ability to work independently on a project
  • Gained an insight into image generation techniques