About Me

I am a final year Computer Science BSc student at the University of Bath. I am passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering.

My passion for Computer Science started when I was in primary school where I was interested in how a computer, and the software created for it functioned. When I completed work experience at McAfee in 2014, my passion for the field grew stronger from witnessing the software engineers work closely together to create a large piece of software. The ability to create software that can improve the lives of people still excites me today, and continues to motivate me to work towards becoming a Computer Scientist.

Outside of Computer Science, I enjoy playing the drums. I achieved my grade 8 in 2017 and have played many genres, both individually and in bands. You can learn more here. I have also volunteered at a monthly afterschool club for 5 years, and have been a children's small group leader at New Wine in 2017.

"Programming computers was so fascinating. You create your own little universe, and then it does what you tell it to" - Vint Cerf


2017 - 2021 (Expected): University of Bath - BSc (Hons) Computer Science: (Predicted: First)

Year 1: 84% (In the top 10 grades of the year)
Year 2: 73.25%
Year 3: On Placement at Avco Systems
Year 4: In progress

    Currently Studying:
  • Computer Algebra
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Networking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intelligent Control & Cognitive Systems
  • Advanced Algorithms & Complexity
  • Individual Project on Logo Generation

2015 - 2017: Aylesbury Grammar School - A-Levels

  • Extended Project on Artificial Intelligence: A*
  • Computer Science: A
  • Maths: A
  • Geography: B

2010 - 2015: Waddesdon C of E School - GCSEs

  • 13 GCSE passes at grade C or above including Mathematics and English


2019-2020 - Placement at Avco Systems

  • Worked on both designing and developing new systems, and updating legacy code
  • Developed my skills in adapting to new languages and design patterns
  • Experienced applying my knowledge and skills from University into the workplace
  • Advanced my skills in Git, writing CI pipelines and performing code-quality checks during merge requests
  • Improved my communication skills when talking both to clients and other members of the team
  • Gained experience in writing documentation that is both clear for clients, and technical enough for fellow engineers

2018 - Work Experience At Aquaforest

  • Progressed my teamwork and communication skills when discussing the potential natural language processing libraries and how they can be incorporated into Aquaforest’s current software
  • Developed effective research and evaluative skills when discovering and analysing potential natural language processing libraries
  • Developed skills in creating and performing tests to evaluate the optimum NLP libraries

2018 - 1st Place in Jisc Intelligent Campus Hackathon - Seat Seeker

  • Demonstrated creativity when developing the seat tracking idea
  • Developed my programming skills when developing the application and using libraries such as OpenCv, Flask and P5
  • Developed my problem solving skills when bug fixing communication issues between the server and a Raspberry Pi using JSON
  • Worked effectively in a team by thinking of and discussing ideas and helping to plan how the code would be structured
  • Demonstrated my presentation skills when explaining, running a demonstration, and answering questions about Seat Seeker to 6 business CEOs

Achievements & Interests

2018 - Current: Tech Coordinator at Bath Christian Union

  • Advanced my problem-solving skills when rectifying issues with the technology and worked well under pressure when faults occurred during the session
  • Worked well in a team, by communicating with other members of committee to provide the resources needed for each meeting
  • Showed leadership by creating a rota for the tech team and training new members on how to setup and use the equipment

2017: Sound Manager for University of Bath Show "Confusions"

  • Developed skills in communication when discussing what sound effects should be used, when they should be played and what effects should be added to them
  • Showed creativity when designing the sound setup to include a surround sound system to add more realism to the sound effects
  • Demonstrated a willingness to learn when understanding a new sound system and quickly gained confidence to use the new equipment independently

2017 Merit in Grade 8 Drumming Examination

  • Demonstrated my ability to be self-motivated to ensure that the pieces were practiced regularly
  • Advanced my skills in critical self-evaluation to improve my drumming style
  • Demonstrated my ability to be adaptable by changing my playing style to better suit the genre of the music
  • Showed my creativity when writing solos to the pieces
  • Developed my time management skills when planning my drum practices and deciding how much time should be spent on each section of the grade
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2012 - 2017: Volunteered at Children’s Afterschool Club

  • Demonstrated leadership skills when organising and running activities for the children
  • Worked well with other team members when planning and running sessions
  • Progressed skills in being able to quickly adapt to change an activity to better suit the children



  • C#
  • Python
  • Java
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Typescript
  • React
  • MySQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • Mongo DB


  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Eclipse
  • Intellij IDEA
  • PyCharm
  • Android Studio
  • Atom


  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Postman


  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Linux

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